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Our Objectives

Apart from cost free booking on the hotels own web site, webres with its motto ‘connecting systems’ has endeavoured to minimize the maintenance requirements of hoteliers on commissionable internet portals.

Actually, it is the wish of every hotelier to have one system that connects to all booking platforms globally. For the corporate segment and their central reservation systems this is already possible with some limitations. For private hotels, webres provides this solution.

webres provides an interface to almost all of the worldwide booking portals that are important for the hotel industry.

The interface with Pegasus provides a connection to a further 1000 internet portals that can be maintained directly by webres. E.g., Orbitz, L`tur, TUI, DER, Expedia, travelchannel etc

Furthermore, webres allows all hotels access to bookings in all the GDS systems, such as Amadeus, Sabre and Travelport. Additionally, the hotels can be booked by over 650.000 Travel Agents. webres has now also become a GDS Provider itself with its own ‘Private Label’ (XW) in the GDS Systems.

We load your special Corporate rates into the system and allow your hotel to booked through organizations such as American Express, TQ3, Carlson Waggonlit and others. Because of our centralized invoicing system, managing your commissions is so much easier.

What is important to remember is that each hotel apart from having direct bookings on its own web site, also has a presence in all available booking systems to ensure maximum exposure and access to reservations. This gives hotels, independent of size, the same advantages as hotel groups and chains.