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What are the advantages of

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  • Hoteldaten feeds all the distribution channels that are connected to webres to provide hotel information, descriptions, rates and images.
  • The hotelier is responsible for the data input of information into this resource and therefore ensures that all connected distribution channels receive the information he wants to transmit to the global market.
  • Any changes or additions to the information supplied by Hotel Data can be easily edited and saved. Any updates are regularly transferred to all connected systems.
  • On webres proprietary portals hoteldata allows the booking of packages.
  • Additionally, a Conference guide is available which describes all available conference facilities as well as displaying images. Conference rates are also displayed according to the criteria specified by the user. There are no commissions payable for this service.
  • Hoteldaten also enables information to be displayed in hotels own sites, which can be edited by the hotels themselves, similar to a Content Management System.
  • Hoteldaten has an open interface available which allows hotel directories cost free access to hotel information.
  • Travel agencies that have registered access to Hotel Daten have the option to download hotel text and images. This is a great advantage for the hotel and saves time as the information is readily available in the database. - a webres service

Hotels are obligated to deliver media data, texts, logos, and images to many different channels on a regular basis. Additionally, the content they provide has to be continually updated and expanded on. The workload this creates is vast, particularly as differing systems have different requirements.

Hoteldaten archives all available texts, images, logos and descriptions of each hotel and distributes the updated information to the various media outlets.

The hotel only needs to supply information to one system and therefore saves considerable time and costs.

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