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RAPID Company Booking Portals

Individual Booking Portals for Firms and Travel Offices

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RAPID is a software enhancement of the webres booking system dedicated to making it possible to set up individual booking portals for firms, travel offices and travel retailers. Each portal can integrate as many hotels as desired, arranging them by destination or other parameters and making them available for booking online.

Increase in Direct Bookings

RAPID was developed primarily to increase the number of direct bookings to hotels that use webres, especially company bookings. RAPID enables every hotel connected to the webres system to set up accounts for regular customers and companies, assign them their own rates, and generate bookings via a direct booking channel using either the hotel’s own internet web page or impartial portal pages. The booker can choose to either log into his account by entering his username and password or, even more conveniently, via a personalised, secure direct booking link (WDAL).

Commission-Free Booking

Every hotel that uses webres can not only set up accounts for companies, but can also immediately offer them a RAPID portal. In this way, in addition to the single contractor hotel, the company is also able to book all other hotels at the same agreed rates. Bookings are made without brokers and billing; they are therefore, commission-free.

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