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Sales Service Sales Service

It is increasingly important for individual hotels, as well as hotel cooperatives made up of private hotels, to position themselves advantageously in the highly competitive hotel market. This is made possible with Sales Service, our professional price management service. Sales Service augments trans-regional company sales activities as an extended service of the online booking system.

The total volume of over-night bookings made by national and international companies, as well as medium-sized businesses is incorporated into this service. Hotels themselves determine which businesses will receive year-round company discount rates. Previously existing agreements between hotels and companies are coordinated beforehand in order to prevent overlaps. Hotels not yet connected to the webres booking system will receive a version of the portal at no charge.

An especially attractive feature of this service is that neither the provider (hotel) nor user (company), will incur any commission or booking fee when company discount rates are booked. The Hotel only pays a nominal annual flat rate for this service.

In this way Sales Service systematically brings together the interests of two groups: the hotel and the company with travel management and hotel booking requirements.

Sales Service

Sales Leisure brings together hotels located in the most varied destinations in Germany and offers this attractive portfolio to large travel businesses. Within an environment of similar competitors, the hotel is made available for booking by groups via a B2B portal.

Sales Service

Sales4You is a synthesis of regional and national business services and technical systems services of the webres online booking system that have never been available on the market before. Sales4You provides direct support to your business, personally and on the spot.

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